Comfort Gastronomy at Restia Suites

Making everyday eating a little bit extraordinary

For Greeks dining and wine are a way to come together, to share stories, to communicate. It is a time fitted in our busy schedules dedicated to ourselves and our loved ones. It is the time when we can be ourselves. This is exactly what Restia Suites prides itself of offering. A week or two of unpretentious, comfortable, high-quality dining experience totally dedicated exclusively to the hotel’s guests from Breakfast all the way to dinner.

The motive behind everyone’s efforts at Restia is the continuous striving for innovation and creativity regarding the choice of fresh local ingredients through carefully selected suppliers but also the eagerness to serve as guides through this Greek Gastronomic journey.

Breakfast begins at 7.30 am and leisurely finishes at 10.45 am. During those hours our guests can enjoy a rich full English breakfast buffet as well as organic marmelades made by small co-operatives in mainland Greece, handmade ‘spoon sweets’ that ideally accompany Greek yogurt, more than 10 types of healthy aromatic honeys ranging from oak trees to orange blossoms, more than 20 herbal tees, local nuts and our signature eggs menu for freshly cooked egg choices.

The Day continues with our lunch menu mainly consisting of delicious finger food options always based on our hotel’s vision of combining local produce with innovative ideas including the wine and food pairings depending on the day of the week.

For dinner, Restia Suites offers an intimate dinning experience with the goal of giving its guests the time and space to enjoy fresh ffod in a relaxing atmosphere under the sounds of carefully selected music and the company of an extensive wine list consisting mainly of Greek wines from small producers that have been personally visited by the owners. ‘Pietra‘ restaurant (main restaurant) offers an a la carte menu based on Greek and Mediterranean inspirations¬† while our exclusive ‘Veranda‘ restaurant presents modern Corfiot and Greek island specialities in a roantic private setting overlooking the¬† pristine Almyros bay.

Restia’s daily themes have the intention to familiarize our guests with the new trends in Greek gastronomy and local products hoping to make everyone part of the Greek dining ‘ritual’. The daily theme concept is completed by matching our Chef’s creative ideas with Greek spirits namely wines, local beer, distillates and liquers that have specifically been chosen for these days.

Restia Suites guests can rest assured that when departing from the hotel they have had a complete Greek gastronomic experience in one place.