Quietly located near Acharavi village, along the three-mile stretch of Almiros bay with white sand and a sea of crystal blue water, lies “Restia Suites” Exclusive Resort, the epitome of simplicity, elegance and style.

Just 40 minutes drive to Corfu International Airport, 10 minutes from the protected Antinioti Lagoon and 15 minutes from the traditional harbour of Kassiopi, makes “Restia Suites” the ideal base to explore the natural and cultural heritage of Corfu island.


Acharavi, today’s capital of its municipality, located between Roda and Almiros, has developed into a large tourist resort with numerous hotels, restaurants and bars. Acharavi is popular with those seeking a relatively uncomplicated resort where they can unwind and relax.

Antinioti Lagoon, just 1km from “Restia Suites” covers 100 acres and provides a home for fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and many rare birds (96 different species have been spotted here). It is an important biotope and it is protected by law.

Old Perithia: a Venetian village with roots in ancient times, with stone-built mansions and many churches, Old Perithia is the most impressive example of a traditional Corfiot inland village. Today, it is a ‘living museum’, with most of the houses remaining abandoned but a few wonderfully renovated in the old style.

Kassiopi offers a satisfying array of possibilities from lively bar culture to relaxed bathing and people watching. Despite being an established resort, Kassiopi still retains something of its fishing village past and its importance in ancient history. Fishermen still work from the harbour alongside flashier modern boats.